Jethro’s Fine Grub- A Resturant Review

Jethro’s Fine Grub is a 22 seater local gem in the heart of Dunbar, Vancouver. It is a fairly new restaurant ( less than one year )and has already been filmed by Guy Feri on his well known Food Network Show Diners, Drive Ins and Dives.

I had only heard about people literally praising this place- so I was beyond excited to go try it out a few weekends ago.  Plus It was located on 16th and Dunbar- convenient location for all you UBC students!

As soon as I stepped into the resturant the first thing I noticed was the warm and comforting home-like ambiance this place had. The next thing I noticed was the one hour line up- yes, one hour. No complaints though, this demand should only be expected from a resturant which has only seven tables and offers massive portions at cheap prices.


The wait was well worth it. I was still thinking about the breakfast that same night..and even the next two nights after that. It was a happy moment and this happy moment was surpassed by even a happier moment when I woke up the next morning with massive amounts of leftovers in my fridge. It was beautiful.

Here are all the incredible little  big things I had tried

1. Crab Eggs Benedict
House made crab cakes with poached eggs and hollandaise. $11

Whoever Einstein was in the back kitchen thought it was a good idea to replace an eggs benedict’s typical english muffin with a crab cake;simply, genius! It was the best eggs  benendict I have ever had and huge credit is given for originality. The crab cake had a ton of filler in it- but heck, what can you expect at $11. I can’t even order two crab cakes at a restaurant for this price- nevertheless one which is topped with eggs, hollandaise, breakfast potatoes and toast.

The hollandaise was extremely rich and creamy. The only bad part of this dish was the seasoning for the potatoes. They were extremely bland and in great need of a dash of cayenne, paprika and maybe some oregeno. I was also hoping that the potoatoes would have a crispy skin- but as my friend Sanaz says ” beggers can’t be choosers“. Regardless-whoever invented this dish is in need of a noble prize.

 2. South of Denver Omelet

Smokey pulled pork, sauteed onions, peppers, smoked gouda, and jalapenos. Served with hasbrowns and toast. add avocado ($1.50)  $10

Wow. Ok. Where do I even begin? This was one amazing omelet- who would have thought that pulled pork, avocado & smoked gouda would have been so successful! I was in love with the flavor combination. I highly recommend to give in and pay the extra for the avocado it made a big difference and just melted in your mouth along with the pulled pork.

This was eggselent. 

3.  Two Eggs & Meat

Eggs any style with double smoked bacon, sausage, grilled chorizo or ham steak. Served with hasbrowns and toast. $10

If you are in the mood for a classic breakfast then go for this. My friend stated that it was her first breakfast of this sort that she had ever eaten without feeling sick after. I took a bite of her sausage and it was perfectly cooked and not loaded with grease like Denny’s or IHop. Success!

4. Chocolate- Chip Banana Bread French Toast

Topped with caramelized bananas and whipped butter $9

Nope you did not read it wrong. It was banana bread french toast and it was love at first bite.I highly recommend getting a half order of this if you are ordering it just for yourself- It is an extremely heavy dish and my sister and I had troubles finishing it all.

One little food wish I had while I was eating this was for the whipped butter to be replaced with whipped cream. Light and fluffy whipped cream would have been much more satisfying as this dish was already so heavy. I found the thick whipped butter to only make it worse and ate my meal without it.

p.s did I mention is was only 9 dollars?

5. The Gold Rush
Banana pancakes stuffed with caramel, pecans and streusel.
Topped with more caramel, pecans and streusel and whipped butter $10

This is the biggest pancake I have ever seen in my life- and let me tell you it was a beautiful site. This pancake had amazing flavor combinations ! However, I would suggest to ask your server to add extra toppings because the ratio to the amount of pancake was off.

P.S this 10 dollar meal will also feed you breakfast for the next few days.

6. The Rooster

A shot of espresso and dark chocolate chips folded into our buttermilk recipe. Topped with whipped cream  $10

This pancake was good but should have and could have been much better. You need to be careful about the shot of espresso that was poured in the batter- it gave a hint of a burnt taste . I actually at first thought it was burnt and tried flipping the bottom of the pancake over to confirm.  I highly recommend paying the extra $1.50 and getting the chocolate gravy with this- it made all the difference. I give credit for getting the whipped cream right in this dish ! It was decadent with the chocolate gravy on top.

Sadly though- I will probably not order this dish again.


Finally, the end result. Jethros Resturant: 1 point..Sanaz & Katie :0 points


xo romina


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