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Rogue Kitchen & Wetbar: A Restaurant Review

Rogue Kitchen & Wetbar is a fairly new restaurant that has opened in the heart of Gastown, in the prime location of Waterfront Station. It is a funky restaurant that definitely makes a powerful statement with its eye-catching light fixtures & glowing walls. Disappointingly however, the food was painfully average and was not even close to supporting the `beyond ordinary experience`  this restaurant was trying to achieve.

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Homemade Pizza’s & Secret Santa

If you are planning a girls night or a special occasion such as a Christmas Exchange then try having a home made Pizza Night!  It is not only fun but also an extremely budget friendly dinner idea. Each of us brought something unique to the table and used pita breads to form our own little edible masterpieces.

What do I love most about coming home for the Holidays? Well, I get to see my wonderful family & get to cook with Saffron in the spice cabinet (beauty of having a Turkish father)..but one of the greatest reasons I love coming home is to see these beautiful faces.

Meet my closest friends; my greatest supporters & my daily source of laughter and happiness.

 I caught some great reaction shots in this years gift exchange!

Rach you are always with us in spirit

Hope your Holiday’s with friends & family was just as special.
xo romina.