Cove Sushi: A Restaurant Review

Formerly the location of Red Tombo, Cove Sushi offers deep covers’ with high quality food at the cost of terrible service.

During my first visit to Cove Sushi I was very impressed by the transformation & the new menu. All excited, I ordered a table’s worth of food and received fairly good service because of it. During my second visit however, my sister was the only hungry one and the lady, who I believe is the owner of the restaurant, refused to give me any tea because I was only ordering one roll. She had thrown a fit making not only our table but the entire restaurant uncomfortable. Apparently you must have a minimum order of five dollars to be able to have tea or any service. Shocking. It was extremely uncomfortable and I still think about that situation to this day.

Despite all of this, I was still impressed by the food and wan’t to give you a feel for what I had tried on my third visit back. The menu is fairly priced  and offers a wicked lunch special for $11.95. My friend & I both ordered this special and agreed that it was a good bang for your buck.

For $11.95 you get a Specialty Roll (choose from :dollarton roll, crazy roll, spider roll, tiger roll, philadelphia roll, crispy roll, deep cove roll, alaska roll) + Side Dish ( choose from :Tori Kushiage, Agedashi Tofu, gyoza, tempura) + Side Salad + Miso Soup

From these combination I had ordered the Dollarton Roll & Gyoza with my side salad. Celina ordered the Alaska Roll & Agedashi Tofu.

First brought to the table was the miso soup and the side salad. I was impressed on the size of the side salad.

Next came our specialty rolls & our side appetizers. I hate to say it because of the service- but the Dollarton Roll is one of best rolls I have ever had.

Dollarton Roll (prawn, yam tempura, avocado, cucumber, spicy tuna topper) $8.95

This would be a typical dynamite roll if it wasn’t for the spicy tuna topper. The spicy tuna topper ties this whole dish together & is finger licking good. As for the sauces, nothing I am capable of writing will give it enough credit. The ponzu sauce was extremely good but the spicy sauce drizzled alongside was like nothing I have tasted before. It was perfect.

The Alaska roll was very fresh and all together a refreshing roll.

The side appetizers were good as well. Especially the Agedashi Tofu. Deep fried heaven! The menu fails to give a description of the dishes- but for those of you who don’t know, Agedashi Tofu is fried tofu in a sweet dipping sauce made out of fish stock. Don’t worry though, you would never even be able to know there is any source of fish in this dish.

The Gyoza were straight out of a box and thrown in the deep fryer. Can’t complain though, most sushi joints & even chain restaurants such as Earls use this method of cheating.

Overall this meal was a great value for only $12. Considering the specialty roll alone was $8.95. Doing some calculations- if I had ordered what I had gotten at regular price, my meal would have been around $20! No complaints there.

One more item that deserves recognition is the:

Crispy Roll (prawn and yam tempura, crabmeat, spicy crunch flakes, spicy sauce) $8.95.

This was satisfying. I loved the spice & the crunch that came with each bite. The only problem is the size of these rolls! They are huge & difficult to eat- not date certified ladies!

Overall, Cove sushi  offers good quality food at affordable prices. The service however, may not be worth it for many of you.  During my visits, I observed that the service has much to do with age. Young costumers such as myself are completely neglected by the owner. This is a terrible mistake since the success for a business in Deep Cove is heavily dependent on the preferences of young adolescents. Especially those who attend high school just a few minutes away and are looking for somewhere to grab a quick lunch. Though they are probably not capable or willing of tipping well- youth do however, blow a lot of money on food and the location & convenience of this restaurant is prime for raking in a good number for daily profits. However, if the service & age discrimination continues in its current state the success and yearly revenue of this restaurant will greatly suffer.

Since we enjoyed the food-here is a prayer for change.


xo romina.



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  1. The food is wonderful. We left our old favourite for this one. We take friends here and generally apologize in advance for what will likely be a rather mixed up sort of service.
    Lovley people though.

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