Honey’s Doughnuts & Goodies

I am delighted to share with all you foodies a coffee joint very dear to me, Honey’s Doughnuts & Goodies. Located in the heart of Deep Cove as a monument to my community, this store brings back many great memories of my childhood.

As the name states, one extremely special item on the menu-the Honey’s Doughnut, has made me a regular customer for over ten years.

These doughnuts are like nothing I have ever tasted before; I am drooling just reminiscing over them! They are these wonderful light & honey glazed doughnuts, with a crispy outside and a warm soft inside. Yes, warm. They are heavy at touch, but maintain delicacy with each bite as they just melt away in your mouth. They are ohhhhh so good!

If you are ever in Deep Cove, you must not miss out! Forgive & forget your caloric intake for the day and then indulge in one of these, guilt free.

If you eat one of these before the beautiful waters of my hometown, I can guarantee you will smile with each bite of this glutinous indulgence.

Love always,

R xo

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