One Meal Review: Corned Beef Hash, Browns Social House

Browns Social House- Broadway&Alma

Corned Beef Hash $ 11.95

two poached eggs, corned beef, breakfast potatoes, red peppers & onions, sweet relish, hollandaise.

I woke up Sunday morning with so much Jethros excitement- but was soon disappointed when I got there and saw the near one hour line! We decided to settle for Browns instead. However,the brunch turned out to be very very good. The corned hash was amazing- but one of those dishes where you just couldn’t eat more than half your plate. The potatoes were nice and crispy and the corn beef was fresh and could have easily been mistaken for bacon (it was that good!). The only skeptical part of this dish is the relish (dear god!) it was terrible and I am so grateful I got it on the side. The green relish I’m pretty sure is straight out of a heinz bottle. The red relish was OK -but the dish was already busy enough so I thought it was better without it.

sometimes less is more.

-romina xo

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