Sun Sushi: A Restaurant Review

Conveniently located on 10th & Sasamat- Sun Sushi, is the perfect joint for UBC students who are looking for a cheap eat.

It’s perhaps the cheapest sushi restaurant I have found in Vancouver. Sun Sushi is your money’s worth- plus four more sides of Gommae.

Is the sushi high quality? No, but it’s not low quality either. Sun Sushi is the epitome of what I like to call cheap sushi; that addictive,mediocre, bang for the buck sushi.

Being a full time student on a tight budget- this restaurant has never disappointed me. One of the best deals they have to offer is a 18 piece Sushi Special (California Roll, Tuna Roll, Yam Roll) & miso soup for $5.95. Killer deal.

The rest of the menu is just as fair priced. My go-to meal is the Chicken Teriyaki & Sashimi Bento Box. For just $9.95– I get Chicken Teriyaki, a California Roll, Tempura, Salad & four slices of thick Salmon/Tuna Sashimi.

One thing I really appreciate about Sun Sushi is the leniency regarding roll substitutions. Yes, I confess, I’m that that annoying costumer that “hates” California rolls and want’s a Spicy Tuna Roll instead. Yet, I’m barely ever penalized for such a “drastic roll switch” (as many other sushi places make me feel). At most, I will be charged a $0.50 fee for both my roll substitution & my side of spicy sauce.

Did I also mention that the food comes out extremely fast? Careful though, this place is not a secret gem! It gets jam packed at dinner time and the service is not top quality. Expect no water or tea refills if it’s busy. Though, at the prices Sun Sushi is charging- no complaints are allowed!

xo romina


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