The Dime Roundhouse- Everything on Menu $4.95

-The owner of The Famous Warehouse & The Factory have recently opened The Dime. It’s only 3 months old and everything on the menu is $4.95. Yes, everything.

-The Dime replaces the once ” Rocco” Italian Restaurant on the busy strip of Commercial st.

-Prime location but lots and lots of surrounding competition. Although, at $4.95, I doubt competition will be a problem.

p.s I apologize for the quality of the photos in this post! I didn’t have my SLR, so bare with my phone-quality photos.

Small Girl BIG Plate Scale:

1.Don’t waste your money  2.Mediocre  3. Good  4.Very good  5.Nobel Prize Worthy

Items up for Review:

Maple Bacon Gnocchi $4.95
3/5 (Good)

–       Loved the flavor combination, or should I say the “sounding “of the flavor combination. I couldn’t taste either Maple or Bacon. But the Gnocchi was nicely prepared and the sauce was creamy and stuffed with fresh herbs—making it easy for me to give this dish a 3/5.

–       What would have stepped this dish up to a 4/5 would have been a touch more of maple syrup and perhaps some sprinkled bacon salt.

Pulled Pork Sandwich $4.95
3/5 (Good)

– The bun was soft and the pork was well prepared (slowly cooked until melt-in-mouth tender). The pork was marinated in curry spices.

-This sandwich tasted quite similar to Ensemble Taps $10.00 Pulled Pork Sandwich. However, I can guarantee that Etaps  quality of food is incomparable to whatever The Dime uses.

-The sandwich apparently had an apple & papaya slaw, but I couldn’t taste it. It was overpowered by the BBQ sauce, and there wasn’t enough of it to provide that desirable “crunch”.  Shame.

The Dime Burger ; Canadian Beef, Cheddar, Toasted Bun, Roasted Pepper Mayo, all the fixings and a side of Fries. $4.95

3.5/5 (Good -Very Good)

-The burger patty was extremely juice. No, seriously—extremely juicy.  It was very good. However, the beef patty was perfectly round (suspiciously round)–which most of the time means it’s not made fresh in house. This may be a given at $4.95 though.

-Most restaurants state the grade of beef used in their burger, well, if they are using a high grade that is. So, I think “Canadian Beef” is our que here.  But, we still need to take a moment and realize that this meal is cheaper than Mcdonalds (and so much better in all aspects) .

– I loved the fries that accompanied both sandwiches. They were crispy and well seasoned. I have respect for restaurants that don’t over-salt their fries.

Many of you asked me to compare The Famous Warehouse and The Dime, so as requested—here is my two cents:

-The quality of food is much, much better at The Dime. Also, the menu is a lot more interesting. It was evident that more thought was put into the food.  Ex. The Dime Burger had Red Pepper Mayo rather than just regular mayo.

-The ambiance of The Famous Warehouse and The Dime are near identical. I would call these joints “bars” rather than “restaurants”. Both have extremely dim lighting and laid-back vibes.

-Both spots have a$4.95 menus (The Factory has a $5.95 menu). Many of you asked me how this is so, and from what I’ve heard, both restaurants take losses on food and make them up through alcohol. This doesn’t surprise me– as the drinks were quite overpriced.

-The service is equally terrible at both. You need to hunt a server to get your water refilled. But bottom line is that you pay what you get for. I don’t go to the Dime or the Warehouse for superior service but rather for a tasty and affordable meal.

Love always,
R x

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