Hello! From Poland……

Sorry for my lack of posts lately. As I always say—the small girl has literally had a big plate.  I owe so many of you answers and I apologize for the delay of this post. Thank you for your emails and comments—I would like to say right off the bat that yes, I have moved.  I have left my overly comfortable Vancouver life to experience Eastern Europe (Poland) and attend medical school here. Many of you are confused over my decision and I don’t blame you! Medical school and my nerdy side often got lost behind all the food. But becoming a doctor has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl.

Two of you had asked in your emails why it has taken me so long to “explain my move”. And to be completely honest, I’ve been avoiding admitting my leave from the Vancouver food world.  It’s been the hardest sacrifice I have made and I still have my daily moments of regret. However, small girl big plate will always be a part of me and as long as I’m still eating—she will be up and running. She will now be Polak based and the journey of my new city and school will be in cooperated into the posts.

I will be back in Vancouver during Christmas & summer time—so smgirlbigplate will still be reviewing Vancity restaurants then. Don’t you worry!

I hope that all you wonderful foodies still keep up with my food journeys. I wish you were all here to experience the food that I’ve been eating. I’ve found so much peace and happiness in Poland and the scariest part about this move, is that a psychic I visited two years ago in Vancouver, had predicted this exact outcome for my life.  She asked me what I wanted to know and I told her to tell me what she saw in my future. She flipped her tarot cards over and said I would become a Doctor and I would live in Europe—“somewhere near Sweden”.

Life is so interesting! Isn’t it!?

Sending you many smiles from Poland.


-R xo

7 thoughts on “Hello! From Poland……

  1. Hey girl!Love the pics. I have some questions 🙂
    1.What made you decide to go to medical school in Poland? Why not Canada?
    2.Do you know anyone in Poland?

    1. Hi Patricia! Good question. Well, my step dad is polish so i’m quite accustomed to the culture…and slightly obsessed with the food. His father (so my step-grandpa) and so on & so forth all graduated from here so it was always the plan for me to come here–kind of feel like im passing the family name along :). Plus, coming here was an amazing reason to be able to move to europe and experience something I would have never if I had stayed in Vancouver.

      X r!

  2. good luck in your new life in poland. look forward to new posts about your life and food there! which psychic you went to ? makes me wanna see her too!!!! 🙂

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