November update!

Hello everyone! Thank you for your emails and comments this month! Yes, yes, YES–smallgirlbigplate is still up and running! I do apologize for my infrequent lack of posts.–medical school is exhausting in every way and form possible. I have about 12 classes per semester which leaves little to no play time in the kitchen.

To answer some of your questions:

A few of you had asked via comments if I have any regrets over my leave from the Vancouver food world. And I have no hesitation whats so ever to reply, yes. Absolutely. I have regrets everyday. I traded in a life filled with happiness, food, writing, and photography for one which is overwhelmed with stress and deadlines (ha!).

But in all honesty–I felt as though I was in a place where I had successfully achieved all the goals I had held in place for myself and for this blog. I knew if I wanted to go out on a sporadic limb and do something crazy and completely new–then the time to take a leap of unwavering faith had come.

So yes, I do have regrets. But, I stand strong behind my decision of trading in my chef whites for my doctors whites and my spatula for my scalpel.  I may have left something good but i left it for something that I know in a few years will be better.  My eye is on the end prize here and I know when I’ve earned my doctorate—my years of struggle in medical school will strike me as the most beautiful.

Plus, being able to learn what I’ve always dreamt of in the heart of beautiful Europe isn’t too shabby either ;). I am grateful.


I know this post was short but I hope it cleared things up. Gotta’ get my head back in the books…

See you in a month Vancouver!

7 thoughts on “November update!

  1. Successful food blogger and soon to be doctor…. you make the rest of us look bad Romina! Congratulations on your big change.
    I’ve been a big fan of your blog of quite some time now.

  2. Beautifully written Princess Ro-Ro. I hope your experience as a student in Europe will only lead you to the best. They say that one can not feel the euphoria of the highs without feeling the bitterness of the lows so without wishing you suffering and pain, I wish you the best! In the end you will be able to feel free as you soar through the graceful life that you chose in a land so far from your roots…

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