Coconut, Cranberry, Sunflower Seed & Smoked Salmon Salad

If you’re getting tired of that same old salad–then try lunch-boxing this Smoked Salmon heaven instead. It’s an excellent post workout meal—filled with tons of vitamins & fibers that will keep you going until dinner.


Oh, and the best part? It’s extremely low maintenance –ready to eat in five minutes. Perfect for this med student.

Coconut, Cranberry, Sunflower Seed & Smoked Salmon Salad

100 g of Smoked Salmon
1 cup of Mixed Greens
1 TBSP shredded Coconut
1 TBSP Sunflower Seeds
1 TBSP Dried Cranberries


Dressing: Combine 2 tsp olive oil  with 2 tsp lemon juice and a pinch of salt.


Instructions: Combine the above ingredients together and drizzle with lemon vinaigrette.

It’s as simple as that! So skip than post workout “apple” and indulge in this instead.




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