Muffiniarnia– Wroclaw Sweets & Treats

I officially found the cutest and most “pink” cupcake store ever. It’s located just on the outskirts of Rynek (Szewska 27) . It’s called Muffiniarnia—and they specialize in custom cakes, muffins, cupcakes , milkshakes & caffee lattes of all sorts. The interior decor screams Hello Kitty—it’s basically every girls dream dessert place.


Their cupcakes aren’t of your ordinary expectance — they range from Kinder Beuno to Coconut Raefello. They are exactly what your cheat day is craving for.


I haven’t had a chance to try their caffee lattes yet– but I can give you a confident thumbs up on their cupcakes, muffins, and milkshakes (I tried the Oreo one and it was amazing!).


Just stop whatever you’re doing and go and get a cupcake. Indulge guiltlessly . You earned this ;).


Love r xxx

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