Fortune City Chinese Restaurant

We headed over to Fortune City Chinese restaurant for our 11th Chinese Bites dinner.The restaurant was fairly large and most of the tables seemed to have been filled. The food was what was expected—not out of this world amazing, but for the most part satisfying. There was, however, some notable dishes that I would definitely head back to Fortune City for.


One of these notable dishes was the Pecking Duck. My god, was it good! The skin was nice and crispy with just the perfect amount of meat. This was my first time trying this Chinese delicacy—and I have to say that it lived up to all its hype.


And the best part about the pecking duck? There’s a second part to the dish! Ah yes, the rest of the meat gets sauteed with carrots, onion, celery, and all other goodies to form delicious duck lettuce wraps.


Another stand out dish was the Pan Fried Tiger Prawns. They were gigantic and succulent to bite. I also enjoyed the garlicky concoction they were lathered in.


The Sautéed Ling Cod with Veggies was okay at best. The cod was well cooked but there was nothing exciting about this dish.


The Braised Egg White and Crab Meat with Broccoli  was my least favorite of the night. Besides getting over its look factor, its flavor profile lacked.


The House Special Chow Mein  was another dish I quite enjoyed. I also appreciated the generous portion of this dish. It was loaded with seafood and assorted vegetables, and then coated with sauce that nicely soaked into those crispy noodles.


Deep Fried Crispy Skin Chicken was also worth ordering. The skin was perfectly crisp and well seasoned while the meat was tender.


We ended the dinner with some Baked Tapioca Pudding Pastry . This was my first time having baked tapioca and I really enjoyed it. Although, the others thought it was overcooked. I guess my lack of tapioca experience makes my standards slightly lower.


Though there were a few dishes that disappointed me, my overall experience was enjoyable. The food seems consistent and the quality was good .This is a good place to go with your family or a group of friends, so each of you can order a different dish to share.


My lovely dinner guests of the night : Alvin, Sherman, Grace,Kevin, Sean, Amy, Rick and Raymond.

**Fortune City is located on 2800 E 1st Ave  Vancouver.



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