The Strike 破店

The Chinese Bites Signature Dish Tour took us to Strike Restaurant on Broadway the other night. If you have yet to hear about it—it’s a fairly new Taiwanese restaurant (about 7 months old) that’s located right within the busy Kits community.


We started the dinner with the Strike Special Yam Fries – 甘梅甜薯薯條. Although they may look like your ordinary yam fries, they’re far from it.


What makes them so special is that they’re coated in palm sugar. This Taiwanese twist gave them nice subtle sweetness and along with a good crunch.

Next up was the Five Spice Beef Wrap – 大餅夾牛肉.DSC_0668

These wraps had great bold flavors. The beef was extremely tender, however, I found it was slightly overwhelmed by a thick crepe-like wrap. This dish would be perfect if the wrap would be made thinner.

My favorite dish of the night was the Taiwanese-style Chicken Steak with Black Pepper Sauce 黑胡椒鐵板雞排. This dish had great character; the chicken was tender, the pepper sauce had good snap, and the noodles were nicely cooked. Also take note on the size of this dish—it’s quite generous. Perfect for two.


Next up were the Deep-Fried Chicken Nuggets 鹽酥雞. Take popcorn chicken, make it more sophisticated, and you get these little morsels of goodness. I really enjoyed this dish, although I did find the crust to have been a bit thicker than what I’ve previously tasted at other Taiwanese restaurants.


The Deep-Fried Pork Chops 炸排骨 followed next. They seemed like they were straight out of the deep fryer as they were very hot and nicely crisp.


The House Special Beef Noodle Soup – 牛肉麵 came in a generous size. I really appreciated the size of the noodles. The beef was also cooked well, however, I wasn’t a fan of the broth. The flavors just didn’t match right.


Next from the kitchen was the Wonton in Chili Oil sauce 紅油炒手. I was initially worried that the sauce would be too oily—but I was pleasantly surprised. In fact, the chili sauce had a great kick.


These are just a few of the dishes we got to sample that night. My overall impression of the Strike is positive. The menu offers good quality food at a high variety. I will be back.



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