Wroclaw’s café scene offers SO much more than our ever so adored and overrated Starbucks. If you walk just a few minutes south of Rynek—you’ll reach (as the locals call it), Wroclaws “Hipster” area.

Here you’ll find KRVN café; an edgy joint with great coffee and feel good food.


The ambiance of this place is neat. There’s a  cool skeleton theme going on and the feel is very chill and laid back .  They’ve designed this joint in such a way that it’s where you want to be on a Friday night and on a chilly Sunday morning.


One thing I absolutely adore about this place is their logo-stamped cookies that are served alongside all their coffees. I should also mention that they’re delicious.


If you’re looking for a Roast Beef Sandwich just as good as the one back home—then this is the place you want to be.  The roast beef was cooked perfectly (a perfect medium-rare is something you wont see too often in Wroclaw). The bread was a fresh and crispy Ciabatta—stuffed with a few needed greens and drizzled with a basil olive oil.  It all played together well.


The Goat Cheese Burger was equally (if not more) excellent.  Everything was made in-house and stuffed generously. As you can see they don’t skimp out on fillers here.


Give this place a try next time. Happy Sunday.


Click HERE to be directed to KRVN website for location and prices.

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