Wroclaw Uncut : An Exciting Announcement

Wroclaw Friends,

I am so excited to announce that smallgirlbigplate and Wroclaw Uncut have now joined forces. I will be now be writing weekly food columns on where to eat in Wroclaw, Poland! Vancouverites, I hope you will still give these columns a quick read for your future travel preparations to Wroclaw.


My first article “Dinette : SkyTower’s Little Known Gem” launched last week.

Here’s a little preview of the dishes I had; though, if you want to read the review itself please click HERE . 

Dinettki dip platter featuring the coffee and orange olive oil and the orange hummus,  gravalax, sundried tomato paste, goat’s cheese, Italian veggies, and assorted Italian meats.


The Winter Loin with cream and sage buckwheat, caramelized carrots and bacon crumble.


Maple and Bacon Risotto


The Duck and Celery  with Roasted Beets and Celery


That’s all i’m going to say. Sorry for the teaser :).



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