Wines & Olives : A Wroclaw Review

Wines & Olives offers a lot more than you think you’d find in the alleyway just off Pl.Wolnosci.


This charming Mediterranean restaurant boats an intimate vibe, incredible service, and a menu which successfully mixes authentic Greek dishes with modern Mediterranean influences. DSC_0064

Complementing the Mediterranean cuisine is an impressive wine list which includes varieties from all over Greece and also features favorites from Santorini and Rapsani.

We started off our night with the White Taramosalata, Pastourmadopita, and the Hummus.


All of the appetizers were certainly enjoyable, however it was the Pastourmadopita that stood out as dish of the night. These small pies filled with cured beef, fresh tomato and aged kasseri cheese are something else.


The Taramosalata, a type of caviar spread, comes highly recommended as well. This salty and citrusy roe brings a true culinary journey to your palate and senses.


The Greek Hummus, although flavorful, was a bit thicker and drier than the Arabic Hummus which we are accustomed too.


The bread served alongside the dips and spreads comes made to order, and is served nice and warm.


Our chosen wine of the night was the Mikros Vorias trio, which heralds from the region of Peloponnese, Greece. This was an easy going wine with a pleasant body and a nice hint of peach and basil – a fine complement to both the appetizers and the main courses.


Every weekend, Wines & Olives offers two “chef specials” on top of their regular menu. These dishes are fresh, seasonal and change every week. You have to appreciate the concept behind these weekend signature dishes; it is refreshing to see more chefs venture away from the regular menu to provide something new and exciting to the customers, week in, week out.



Needless to say, we couldn’t resist tucking into them both. The lamb was cooked for a good 6 hours in a bath of tomato paste and garlic, and came accompanied with zucchini, peppers and tomatoes. Its slow cooking process made for a tender and melt-in-your-mouth meat.

The feta prawns were a creamy delight, coming served attractively on a bed of herbed rice. Although delicious, it was just as well we’d nibbled on some starters beforehand, as this dish alone would not have been enough to fill us up otherwise.

The atmosphere of this place is cozy and welcoming, with the large olive trees in the center of the restaurant making quite an eye-catching statement. Authentic Greek products such as wines, olive oils and capers are also available to buy at the store.

With our starters coming in at about 15zl and specials around the 40-45  mark, Wines and Olives certainly had to do a lot to live up to the price tags. Thankfully however, the sheer quality of the dishes and their ingredients made it worth every penny, in spite of the rather petit looking portions . So if you feel like spoiling yourself, adjust your sails to Wines & Olives – you’ll struggle to get closer to true Mediterranean flavours here in Wroclaw.


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