Famous Cafe : Coffee & Shopping in Wroclaw

Just one month old to Świętego Antoniego​ street is Famous Café— a breakfast and lunch venue that also happens to be a retail boutique.


The concept of this new café allows costumers to have a coffee and grab a bite to eat, all while shopping for a new designer dress.


The interior of this venue looks half like a rustic Parisian coffee shop and half like the walk in closet of my dreams.  Equal parts cool and cozy, the space is as welcome to mums with strollers as it is to the neighbourhood locals, who can all happily converse over good coffee against a backdrop of beautiful clothes.


The menu offers typical café finds like omelets, ciabatta’s,  pastas and salads. We decided to ring in Saturday lunch with a latte and the Salatka po Jamaysku.

The latté came fairly quick and each was served with a mini chocolate. The labeled sugars were an adorable touch.


We were impressed by both the taste and quality of the coffee and were pleased that the fat content in the milk could be ordered at 2% —unlike the set 3.2% found in many other coffee shops in town.


Even though we were the only ones in the café, there was still a bit of a delay when it came to receiving our salads. Sadly, the wait was not worthwhile as the salad was terribly average . The chicken was overcooked and all together there just wasn’t any wow-factor. Best put, it was something that you could’ve easily whipped up yourself at home in 5 minutes. For 21 zloty at neighboring KRVN, you can get a salad that’s 3 times as big – and tastier too.

One thing that this café has over nearby central café is its high ceilings and wide spaced tables. There’s a very relaxing and spacious feel here — a perfect place to come with your computer to get some work done without feeling cramped by the table next to you.


I’d be regretful if I came to an overall negative consensus about the food at Famous Café after only trying one dish.  I see high potential for Famous Café and would rather they succeed. However, if they don’t promote themselves better and think of menu items that can outshine what Central Café and KRVN have to offer, they may not be able to keep up with the competition. It would be a shame to see another venue on the street end up like Bike Café, which can all too often be seen empty.


This review can also be found on Wroclaw Uncut .


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