Bubble Double – Wroclaw’s first Bubble Tea

One thing I extremely miss about Vancouver is Bubble Tea. Every time I head back home I make sure that my bubble tea cravings are taken care of, generously too.

Today I was just taking  a little peak into Cinnabon, ok—guilty, I was buying a Cinnabon (after the gym too, gah!) – and I saw a sign by the name of “Bubble Double! “


I thought my eyes deceived me at first, but no, Wroclaw really does have its first bubble tea store!


Bubble Double offers two size options: 0.5 L for 11.99 Zl and 0.7 L for 13.99 Zl. The flavours are abundant—anything from coffee to lychee, with the option of a milk or tea based drink.  There’s a large variety of different pearl flavours too!


I opted for the Mango with Milk base , and I have to say that it tasted just like home. I think I’m officially content with living in Wroclaw now.


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