BBQ Kale Salad w/ Orange Beets, Carrots & Avocado

I’m back in Vancouver and had forgotten how blessed I am to live here. I’m blogging from home at the moment—with the mountains and the sea as my company. Humbled .


In other news, today is Canada Day (HBD CANADA!); you’re still so young and looking better than ever.  You can ask any Canadian; today is probably the most fun day of the year. Everyone is out — the fireworks are firing and the spicy caesers are mixing. Everyone is smiling, and obviously, obviously I’m sick.  Yup. Woke up with the glorious flu this morning.


So while you’re all snapcahtting and instagramming away all the fun you are having, I’m here sniffling and eating this BBQ Kale Salad w/ Orange Beets, Carrots & Avocado . But it’s OK—because this salad is pretty freakin amazing! It’s making me feel better for not having fun with you guys.


BBQ Kale Salad w/ Orange Beets, Carrots & Avocado (serves 1)

Handful of Kale
3 Organic Carrots, whole
1 Organic Orange Beet , sliced
1/2 Avocado, Sliced
1 Lime
Olive Oil

1. Massage the kale leaves in a tsp of olive oil and a squirt of lime juice. Yup, massage like you would massage a spice rub in a rack of lamb.  Massaging gets your kale leaves to soften up and makes them easier to eat.

2. Meanwhile get some boiling water going in a large and shallow pan. Boil the carrots whole and the beats sliced for about 5-10 minutes. The timing is dependant on how thick your beets are sliced and how big the carrots are.  Once the carrots and beats are slightly tender (you can almost pierce a fork in them)—transfer them to the BBQ.

3.While they are BBQ’ing away—glaze them with a bit of olive oil and honey. BBQ until tender (another 5-7 minutes) and then transfer them to a salad bowl along with the kale leaves and sliced avocado .

4. Squirt with more lime and top with crumbled feta and walnuts. ENJOY!



Back to work.  Happy Canada Day again, EH!

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