Hapa Hour at Hapa Izakaya

We live in one of the most expensive cities in the world—and going out to eat has become horrendously expensive. With tax and tip – it’s no wonder why so many of us Vancouverites are living paycheque to paycheque. However, in this ritzy little city of ours, there are often times affordable restaruant deals. Take for example Hapa Izakaya—one of Vancouver’s favourite Japanese tapas restaurant that takes part in Hapa Hour—where many of their best menu items are on for about half the price.


Each Hapa Izakaya location in Downtown Vancouver offers Hapa Hour at different times with slightly different menu options.  We headed to the Coal Harbour location (wicked view) where the Hapa specials where on from 3:30-5:30 Monday-Friday.


There was a good selection on the menu and we opted for the Ika Calamari, Beef Tataki, Ebi Mayo & Spicy Tuna Rolls.

The Beef Tataki came to the table at a beautiful rare with a flavourful outer sear.  Not many toppings were needed on this tataki as the AAA beef spoke for itself. Although, the fried onions and sesame-chilli sauce was a nice touch.


The Ebi Mayo – prawn tempura in a mayo sauce came shortly after. The prawn arrived hot and well cooked. It was generously lathered in a creamy mayo sauce—and was by far our favourite of the night.


Not as loved was the Ika Calamari with Tatazaki sauce. Though it arrived nice and crispy, the batter was too heavy for our liking and we found it lacking seasoning.

On the other hand, the spicy tuna rolls were great. Generously stuffed and not overwhelming spicy –they had a much appreciated balance to them.



We were nicely full at the end of our meal and the bill came to just 10 bucks each.  Not only did we get to try a few different dishes—but also we got to do it at a good price. Two thumbs up for Hapa Hour at Hapa Izakaya.



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