Soczewka Burger : New to the Rynek Sqaure

With the number of burger bars on the rise, new venues must strive to create their own identity by bringing something new and enticing to the table.  Soczewka , neighboring Cinnabon, has done just that with its playful flavor combinations and creative presentation.


The ambiance of Soczewka is modern, with its bright red chairs, wooden tables and torn brick back drops. The bar situates as the focal point and aids in giving this venue a bright and spacious feel.


There are a vast number of burger options on the menu, ranging anywhere from a Curry Burger cooked with coconut milk to the Foie Gras Burger stuffed with caramelized nuts and chutney.  The flavor combinations are enticing and the risk taken to step away from tradition burger pairings is appreciated.  The menu also offers a short salad list to satisfy those in search of a lighter meal.  As for the prices, they are a bit steep but not out of the ordinary for eating within the Rynek Sqaure.


We started off our lunch with the melon & lemon flavored lemonade.  Both were nice and refreshing, although at 12 zloty each, we found the price point too high for what is was.

DSC_0031 For the burgers you’re given the option between several burger bun flavors (herbs & lemon, full wheat, wheat with sesame, wheat with sepia) and also are asked how you’d like the patty cooked (rare, medium, well done).

We opted for the Cheeseburger and the Chipotle Burger, both cooked medium and on a sesame bun. DSC_0053

Both arrived to the table at a timely manner and the presentation was rustic and fabulous.  The Cheeseburger was generously stuffed with coleslaw, onion rings and bbq sauce.  This burger was our favorite out of the two. We enjoyed the nice crunch from the coleslaw and the bold flavors of the BBQ sauce.


The Chorizo Burger however, with avocado, nachos, chipotle pepper salsa and jalapeno did not meet our expectations. We found that the nachos absorbed all the moisture in the burger and left it quite dry and tasteless. We hope to see more salsa or avocado added in compensation for the nachos.


It must be noted however, that both burgers were cooked to a beautiful medium as ordered.

The basket of fries topped with two onion rings was a nice touch. The fries were nicely seasoned, although we found them to be a bit too soggy for our liking.  Many restaurants make the mistake of frying fries at temperature too low, causing the fry to absorb the oil rather than cook in it. This leaves a final product that’s soggy rather than crispy.

The service was tentative and the venue clean and organized. You can tell off the bat that this isn’t the owner’s first rodeo. In fact, upon some questioning it turns out that the owner is the same as Bernards just across the street.


As far as recommendation goes, there was a lot that was done right at Soczewka but also a few stand out flaws that would be enjoyed to see fixed.  The main being the texture of the fries along with the composition of the Chorizo Burger.


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