Café Mocha

The weather in Vancouver is incredible. It’s hot during the day and then reaches that really comfortable thin sweater weather during the night. I’m blogging from home at the moment- it’s 7 pm right now and the weather is fantastic. In fact, I’m currently sipping on today’s recipe post while blogging about it at the same time. This doesn’t happen too often.


I was craving some coffee this afternoon but was tired of having the same old latte/ cappuccino. I decided to spice things up and make a Café Mocha- but the easy way with some Tim Horton’s hot choco mix (because I’m Canadian, duh).


If you’re getting tired of the same coffee routine, then try giving this recipe a quick try. You probably have all the ingredients on hand already anyways! This Café Mocha is delicious- just imagine a hot chocolate with some espresso in it. I don’t think you need any more convincing.


Now, I used my Lavazza/Keurig espresso maker but you can use whatever you have on hand. If you’re looking to get an affordable coffee maker , I have some friends that run a website helping people find some (click on the hyperlink).


Café Mocha

2 shots of espresso

2 tablespoons of hot chocolate mix

½ cup of milk


Directions: Brew two shots of espresso using your espresso machine. Add in ½ a cup of hot milk and then two tablespoons of hot chocolate. Add on top a dollop of whipped cream if you’re feeling fancy ( I wasn’t).





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