Icy Bar

I headed over with the Chinese Bites crew the other night for some traditional Taiwanese and Asian desserts at Icy Bar on Kingsway.  You may have heard of Icy Bar before- they have locations on Boundary St, Parker Place, Crystal Mall and the Richmond Summer Night Market.


The location on Kingsway was of moderate size and had a menu of good variety, with  the featuring of many different items and flavours. We started off our sweet feast with the Strawberry Mango Icecream Icy and the Mango Ice Cream Mochi Icy.  Now, if you’ve ever been to the Richmond Night Market you’ve most definitely seen some Mango icy’s gobbled around you.  This dessert is one of the most popular dessert items at the night market, and for good reason too.


A Mango/Strawberry Icy first starts with a generous amount of shaved ice, then it gets a topping of fresh mangos/strawberries, a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a light drizzle of liquid sugar. If it’s a mochi icy it also gets a generous amount of mochis on top too. I found the mochis on the Mango Icy to be well cooked with a nice chew. It wasn’t hard to tell that the mochis were made from scratch.


Another stunning dessert of the night was the Chocolate Toast. Have you ever seen anything like this !? Probably not. Just imagine toasted cubes of bread coated in chocolate sauce, ice cream, and syrup.


Equally as appealing was the Red Bean Green Tea Ice Cream on Thick Toast. If you were going to take French Toast to the next level- you would probably end up with something along the lines of this. For a person who despises red beans (one of the three things I hate to eat)- I found this dessert to still be pretty good. Of course, without the red beans I would have devoured it all :).


Oddly, one of my favourite desserts of the night was this savoury Tea Egg. It was my first Tea Egg and I learned quite a bit of history about it from some foodies at my table. Apparently they are a very popular snack that can be found all over China and Taiwan. They are first boiled in hot water, then cracked and submerged again in water but this time also with some soy sauce, star anise, cinnamon, and orange. They not only had a great flavour dimension to them but looked beautiful as well!


Another stand out dessert at Icy Bar was the Plant Pudding. It’s offered in Durian, Oreo, Tarimusu, Original and Mango flavour.  The Oreo and Mango flavours were definitely my favourites


Just as beautiful as the Plant Puddings were the Strawbery, Mango, Durian and Taro Pancakes. They were almost too beautiful to eat. The pancake was well cooked and pleased both the eyes and the palate. Inside was a pillow of whipped cream and assorted fillings.


If you’re looking for a group-pleasing dessert where you can get hands-on with toppings- the Tofu Pudding with you choice of customised toppings may be the one that will satisfy your sweet tooth.





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