Mlekiem i Miodem – Restaurant Week Is Here!

Hey , Wroclaw! It has been a bit since we last spoke- but I’m here with some exciting news (sorry Vancouver, this one doesn’t apply to you- but I got something coming up for you too). Restaurant Week is here in Wroclaw- and I just happen to be a food ambassador!  That means that I get to try the food before you do- to give you guys that VIP sneak peak .

img_7743The other day I headed over to Mlekiem i Miodem (Milk + Honey) to give the tasting menu a try. I want to start off by saying that this restaurant is not in central Wroclaw- it’s actually a bit on the outskirts- but don’t let that alter your opinion about going there. This restaurant puts more thought and passion behind the food  than most of the restaurants in the touristy Rynek square.

Let’s talk food now. We started off the tasting menu with the appetizer: Roasted Pumpkin  with Pumpkin Puree, Whipped Cream, Truffle Oil and Sprouts. This was probably our favorite dish of the night. The pumpkin was well cooked and paired perfectly with the silky pumpkin puree and the unforgettable after-scent of truffle. The whipped cream- although seeming odd at first- made for a lovely match.


The main course was a Deer Burger stuffed with mushrooms, arugula and sheep cheese. I liked the fact that deer was used instead of beef/pork- it gave excitement to the dish . The arugula gave a nice peppery kick and the sheep’s cheese a nice creamy finish. All around- we enjoyed the burger and found the fries to be well seasoned, too .


We ended the night with a Cardamom Sponge Cake topped with Plums. The cooked plums were delightful and the sponge cake had a proper consistency. My only wish was to be able to taste the cardamom a bit more. A sprinkle of cardamom sugar would have worked wonders here as well.


Overall, I enjoyed my 3-course tasting meal at Mlekiem i Miodem and I would recommend a visit here. I thought the dishes were well executed and I enjoyed the thought process and passion behind them. I had a chance to meet with the Chef ( Łukasz Socha) after and could see the love of his work in his eyes. It was inspiring to see such a passionate chef.

If you would like to buy tickets to Restuarant Week Wroclaw please click HERE .


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