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I can’t believe that it’s almost been a month since I left Vancouver. I miss home endlessly but have found much happiness in making a new home here in Wroclaw. I sometimes look around and laugh at how my path led me here . It’s amazingly confusing.

One of the best things about Poland is that their currency hasn’t adopted the Euro yet–this makes the cost of living & food dirt cheap. Yes, and as most of you have expected– i’ve been extremely busy eating. One of my favorite Polish restaurants is located  right in the heart of Rynek and was actually recommended to me by my cousin Ola.  It goes by the name of Pod Fredra and it cooks up authentic Polish Cuisine.

The interior of Pod Fredra is very rustic. They have solid oak lodges, wooden tables and a plenty of “trinkets”. The service is great and the food comes faster than expected.

The pricing is fair but please do note that you must order the sides separately. All main courses come side-less. Ah, yes, there are some things that a Canadian must get accustomed with here.


What I recommend ordering:

Herb & Lemon Chicken (+24.70 z) with side order of Grilled Potatoes & Bacon (+7.90 z)

Chicken was lathered with fresh herbs and garlic. The potatoes were rich in bacon-y flavors and were the perfect compliment to the dish. All together this dish will cost you 33 zloty–which is roughly $10 Canadian.


2. White Sausages w/ Caramelized Onions 24.70 z ( roughly $8 Canadian)

Huge apology for the terrible quality photo!!! 

These sausages were bursting with flavorful juices. Each bite was better than the last. The server suggested that we add a side of bread to the dish but we found the bread to be too dense & heavy to properly accompany the sausages. Perhaps a salad of some sort would have been better.


If you’re in the mood for some authentic Polish food, then I would recommend this as a go to-joint.


Sending you many kisses from Poland,

R x

PS: i’m surviving medical school!

2 thoughts on “Wroclaw Reviews

  1. You should try the Captain Crunch roll from The Eatery on Broadway, my favourite non-traditional sushi joint.

    This is one of my all time favourite rolls in all of Vancouver. It’s a California roll (for the record, I hate California rolls) deep-fried and topped with unagi sauce. Sounds simple yet strange enough, but trust me it’s worth an order. Also, The Eatery has one of the coolest decors/ambiance around!

    1. Grant– funny you mentioned that!
      Captain Crunch roll is one of my ultimate favorite rolls! Although, I found somewhere that makes them better than the Eatery..it’s called Sushi Bella (you can check out my review on it). If you ever go, it’s called the Crazy California Roll. I love the Eatery-especially the quirky ambiance like you had mentioned..however, the captain crunch roll is the only thing that has blown me away there.

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