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Mother’s Day Brunch: Mixed Potato and Eggs’ Bird Nests

In need of a quick Mother’s day recipe for tomorrow? Look no further. These Mixed Potato and Eggs’ Bird nests are so simple too make. So whether your mamma prefers a cozy breakfast in bed or a family brunch around the table, you’ll charm her with these homemade Mixed Potato and Eggs’ Bird Nests!

This comes guaranteed.


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Cafe Medina- must try breakfast spot

Small Girl BIG Plate Scale:

1.Don’t waste your money  2.Mediocre  3.Good  4.Very good  5. Nobel Prize Worthy

 Items up for review:

1. Lavender Latte   $3.60 (8 oz)
4/5- very good

–          Very unique Latte flavor, especially for Vancouver where anything past a chai latte is difficult to find.

–          Lavender flavor was present without being overwhelming

–          Creamy & smooth mouth-feel.

–          Absolute must-have if you stop by Cafe Medina.


2. Belgian Waffles $3.15 Per 1 Waffle + 1 Dip
5/5 – worthy of a Nobel Prize

-Perfectly crispy on the outside & delicate on the inside

-Beautiful nutty flavor

-These waffles are one of the best you will ever find in Vancouver

-Each waffle comes with a dipping sauce. We ordered the Salted Caramel and the Lavender Milk chocolate. I highly recommend both.

-NOT cheap at $3 a piece, but so, so worth it. I could probably eat 20 of these and still smile after.

 3. Paella  $13
2/5 (Mediocre)

-Decription: 1 baked egg, curried orzo, Hungarian chorizo, zucchini, red pepper, roasted corn, grano padarno, watercress, avocado and tomato salad.

-It was very oily (most likely from the chorizo).It wasn’t good but it wasn’t bad either

-Flavors were great, but there was just something about it that we couldn’t quite put our finger on.

-However I loved the avocados in the paella. Pretty genius addition that also provided the dish with a great textural component.

-For $13 I don’t recommend this. For $8, maybe.

Conclusion & Cafe Medina Must-Knows:

-Hands down one of the best breakfast/brunch spots in Vancouver

-Great service

-Tidy washrooms

-Not a secret gem! Will get jam packed on weekends.

-Very cute ambiance, although, some of the tables are uncomfortably close together.

-Items you must try: Belgian Waffles, Lavender Latte

Overall, Cafe Medina is an absolute must-try in Vancouver. The waffles alone are worth the 45 minute weekend wait .

r x


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Granola & Yogurt Cups

At my place granola is an absolute house-hold necessity. It’s up there with toilet paper. That says a lot, right? So you can only imagine my reaction when I discovered these granola cups.

It may just be me, but for some reason everything in “miniature symmetrical form” tastes better. I can’t explain it and I most definitely don’t question it. Hey– I’m all about the cute round things!

If you are dying to know how to make these granola cups–I shared the recipe with my readers on Vancity Buzz. May I guide you to the recipe?

Love always,
r x