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Reese’s Peanut Butter and Chocolate Tart

I had the worst craving for Reese’s Peanut Butter cups today. It was one of those really bad cravings too – you know, the ones that just won’t go away until you finally give in and feed it.


But with living in Wroclaw, I can’t just feed it . I don’t have that glorious option anymore of just running over to the 711 and buying myself shameful amounts of PB cups. Shame must be planned in advanced now.


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White Chocolate Coconut Macaroons w/ Toffee Drizzle

Today is a very happy day for me everyone in Poland because it’s Fatty Thursday!! Basically, it’s an annual day where everyone just pigs out on Paczki (Polish donuts) and without one morsel of guilt. I’ve never seen so many donuts in my life. They were literally everywhere today.

Guys, this is a real thing!


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White Chocolate//M&M Snickerdoodles

I got my Physiology exam mark back today! It went really well and I couldn’t be in a better mood. What a weight off my shoulders. All I have left is my Biochem final on the 5th and then I’m off for a little over a week. I’ll be busy prepping for some very exciting stuff that I just CANT wait to share with you guys.


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