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White Chocolate//M&M Snickerdoodles

I got my Physiology exam mark back today! It went really well and I couldn’t be in a better mood. What a weight off my shoulders. All I have left is my Biochem final on the 5th and then I’m off for a little over a week. I’ll be busy prepping for some very exciting stuff that I just CANT wait to share with you guys.


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Cranberry Bliss Cookies

Christmas is finally in the air in Wroclaw. The lights are up, the snow is sticking & the Rynek Christmas market is as busy as ever. And if it can get any better—my medical exams have finished for the semester annnnnnddd…. I’ve moved! Yes! I’ve finally escaped the dormitory trap and have now settled in with my lovely cousin in our cozy apartment with a kitchen! Ah, a kitchen.

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