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Peaches & Watermelon Kale Salad

It’s 32 degrees in Vancouver today. HOLY CRAP.  And as much as I want to complain about it too – I just don’t think I have the right. Actually no Vancouverite has the right—and that’s because we spend all year complaining about the rain. So now that the sun is here—even at a brutal 32 degrees, we gotta love every ounce of it.

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Kale Chips: The Chip With More Respect

Good morning!

Ladies, not to the barrier of bad news at 9am…but I thought I should bring to your discretion that beach season is approaching. (*Gasp!). Yes, it’s time to put away the potato chips. Before you panic though…I’ve come up with a tasty & guilt-free alternative.

Ever had a Kale Chip?

It’s basically a potato chip… with much more respect. They have all the hype and half the fat!

I launched an article on how to make my Guilt Free Kale Chips this morning on Vancity Buzz. Click Here!

I hope you will all enjoy!
-xo r