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Fatty Cow Seafood Hot Pot

Last week some of your favorite Vancouver food bloggers attended the Chinese Bites Signature Dishes Tour dinner at Fatty Cow Hot Pot. Voted as best Hot Pot from both Chinese Restaurant Awards and The Georgia Straight—we all went with high expectations.

 I’m pleased to say that none of us were disappointed.

We had two hot pot bases going at full force—one was a Spicy Soup Base and the other a Peanut Satay. Surprisingly, all of us preferred the spicy one—and to my luck, I was sitting right in front of it. Win!

There was a vast assortment of meat and seafood, all of which was incredibly fresh. From raw lobster to chicken hearts to fish balls—it was any hot pot lover’s dream come true.

I couldn’t stop thinking about the freshness of the seafood. I kept thinking—where on earth did they get these massive scallops and oysters!? Then I found out that Fatty Cow actually owns Jumbo Seafood just a few blocks down. It doesn’t get fresher than this folks.

please note that the raw lobster is not offered on the regular hot pot menu.

The only thing I didn’t enjoy was the beef chucks and the pork blood. Although the pork blood was due to personal taste, the beef chunks were tough and chewy—it was quite the mouth workout. The salmon was also filled with bones and I found it to be too much work and not enough reward.

The highlight of the night was the Scallops. My god, these were so incredibly sinful. When was the last time you saw scallops this size? It took me a whopping 3 bites to finish one off.

Fatty Cows got voted number one for a reason. Everything from the ambiance to the food was memorable. If you want good quality hot pot in Vancouver then this is your go-to joint. Although Fatty Cow offers a regular dinner menu—I would stick with the hot pot. They specialize in this and they do it exceptionally well.

P.s. This picture sums up beautifully what dinner with a table full of food bloggers is like. Meet my fellow dinner guests; Rick, Sherman, Alvin, Kevin, and the lovely Janice

We’re all very talented at eating.

Fatty Cow Seafood Hot Pot
5108 Victoria Drive
Vancouver, BC
(604) 568-6630

That’s all for today.

-R x

CRAY Kitchen & Bar

Cray Kitchen & Bar is a brand new restaurant that has opened its doors on the corner of Broadway & Main st. It’s the first to serve up Louisiana style seafood in Vancouver.

Small Girl BIG Plate Scale:

1.Don’t waste your money  2.Mediocre  3. Good  4.Very good  5.Nobel Prize Worthy

Items up for review:

1. Cod Nuggets $.9.99
4/5 ( Very Good )

-The server recommeneded this dish to  us and I can see why it would be the most popular appetizer.The cod was extremely tender and had the perfect deep fried crunch.

-Fries were also nice and crunchy. This dish came with ketchup & also a side of special-house mayo dip which was very tasty.

-What’s holding me back from giving this dish a 5/5 is the number of cod peices. I didn’t feel as though 5 cod nuggets were enough for $9.99.

2. Crawfish with Cray Mix  ( mixture of cajun +garlic butter + lemon pepper ) $13.99/lb
4/5(very good)

-The Crawfish are served in a plastic bag. There’s about 40 of these guys per bag and they were supsringly filling.

-They’re quite a bit of work to eat but are so unbelievably worth it. The meat is extremely tender. Sucking on the head also releases great flavors.

-Crawfish is the specialty at Cray Restaurant–it’s a must order, at least on your first visit. It’s hard to find Crawfish, especially ones that are shipped all the way from Louisana in Vancouver.

3. Atlantic Lobster with Garlic Butter (19.99/lb) **must order minimum of 2lb**
4.5/5 (Very Good- Noble Prize Worthy)

-The lobster was very fresh and the meat was extremely juicy . This dish was all around to-die-for.

-In fact, I preferred this dish over the Crawfish. However, I would still recommend that you order the Crawfish over the lobster because it’s unique to this restaurant and hard to find elsewhere.

-The garlic-butter was a good seasoning choice for the lobster. I felt as though the cray mix (which we ordered for the crawfish) would have overpowered the delicacy of the lobster meat.

-You must order at least 2 lb of the Lobster.

 4. Hot Fudge Chocolate Cake $5.99. 
 1/5 (Don’t waste your money)

-The cake was in no way moist and lacked both flavor and fudge. Sadly, the ice cream had freezer burn! This dish was not worth ordering to me.

Conclusion & Cray Restaurant Must-Knows

-Cray is just one week old but already has exceptional service and food in place.

-The ambiance is extremely laid back and cups & cutlery are all plastic. This is done for easier clean up. I could see many people bringing up environmental complaints in the future–however,  I felt as though the plastic was a good idea. Maybe there is a more eco-friendly route (1/2 plastic 1/2 another material) that Cray could consider using instead.

-Overall this restaurant offers a unique dining experience that is difficult to find anywhere else in Vancouver. It’s all hands on at Cray, you get down and dirty with your meal! My biggest recommendation: order the crawfish!

-R x


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