Café Mocha

The weather in Vancouver is incredible. It’s hot during the day and then reaches that really comfortable thin sweater weather during the night. I’m blogging from home at the moment- it’s 7 pm right now and the weather is fantastic. In fact, I’m currently sipping on today’s recipe post while blogging about it at the same time. This doesn’t happen too often.

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Frozen Lemon Mousse Meringue Torte

The weather is so hot in Vancouver! I’m BOILING. It’s been hard to have a good dessert appetite lately- my body is craving only light and airy sweets and i’m finding them hard to come by. We had a girls get-together the other night and I was in charge of the dessert. Usually this wouldn’t be a problem, chocolate is my forte, but chocolate can also be heavy and not suitable with the outside heat. I needed something that people would enjoy and cool down to at the same time.


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